Jaali Degree, Charba, aur Naqqali (Fake academic degrees and plagiarism)

My Op-Ed published at Urdu Times can be read at the PDF file linked below. An English synopsis is also shared:

Jaali Dgeree1

Fake Degrees and Plagiarism

My article published in Urdu Times discusses the plague of fake academic degrees and plagiarism that has been spread from Canada to Australia. It includes doctors, academics, engineers, journalists, and other professionals.

It begins with the news of censure by the Supreme Court of Pakistan of over 50 members of legislatures who used fake academic degrees to fulfill candidacy requirements. They have been banned from taking part in future elections. At the same time many other politicians are under scrutiny. This scrutiny has not been wide enough to cover hundreds of thousand s of fake degree users in private and civil service.

The article discusses many examples from Saudi Arabia, Canada, and other countries.
It refers to investigative reports that have disclosed that there are at least 15,000 people with fake credential serving in several major organizations in Saudi Arabia. One of the key perpetrators of providing fake credentials was accused to be a person of Arab heritage who fled to neighboring UAE. It is said that people were charged thousands of dollars for fake certificates.

The article also refers to an investigative report published in Toronto star that revealed a US network of fake credential providers that established over 100 fake institutes and were selling false credential in over 100 countries. It was estimated that this group earned over $ 70 million through this business. The Star estimated that such businesses earn over a billion dollar each year.
It also mentions major examples of accusation of plagiarism by education officers, journalists, and writers in the West. Several of these lost their jobs, or were censured, and were compelled to apologies. These included Chris Spence, and Margaret Wente from Canada, and Fareed Zakaria of CNN, as the well known names. It also refers that in the past Joe Biden was also accused of plagiarism.

I propose that people indulge in using false credentials to obtain financial benefits, and use plagiarism to avoid hard work or to impress their peers and readers.

It also discusses the general concepts of plagiarism and anxiety of influence in Urdu and other literature.

The Op-ed also quotes the example of an Urdu writer in Canada who was reported to have an MA in English degree from a Pakistani college that does not even issue such degrees.

It suggest that the fact that use fake credentials and plagiarism may be rampant but it should not be an excuse for anyone to indulge into these practices.

International Women’s day, Pakistan, and Burundi: Urdu Op-ed

Op-ed published in Urdu Times on March 13, 2013.  The PDF file is in Urdu Script, and English synopsis is also appended below. To read in Urdu click the link to file:

Khawateen ka Alami Din, Pakistan aur Burundi

Synopsis of Munir Pervaiz Op-ed published at Urdu Times, NY, UK, Canada on March 13, 2013:
International Women’s day, Pakistan and Burundi

The Op-ed discusses the events that took place in Pakistan on the International day of Women and also acknowledges various awards given to Malala and her friends along with Sherry Rehman and other leading women of Pakistan.

Women’s rights struggle in Pakistan has a very long history that has continued since the inception of Pakistan. Several leading women who have who been the activists for this cause have included writers like Hajra Mastoor, Khadija Mastoor, Fehmida Riaz, Zahida Hina , Kishwer Naheed, Mlaiha Lodhi, Sherry Rehamn, and others. Canadian Urdu writer Nasim Syed has also followed in their footsteps. These writers have been the leading lights in the struggle for seeking rights for women, dignity, equality, and freedom from societal, religious, patriarchal oppression, and tyranny including violence.

It quotes from the poems and writings of Fehmida Riaz, Kishwer Naheed, and Nasim syed and mentions that the women writers and their supporters not only face serious censorship, and violent repression, but many women have also been forcibly paraded naked on the streets in the name of honour and faced accusations of heresy.

The article mentions that women demanding their rights and their supporters have been called shameless and immoral by conservative writers and oppressors. It provides quotations from an article written by a Canadian Muslim woman who has used very strong language against those progressive and liberal writers who condemned the murder of a sixteen year old Pakistani girl by her own father and brother in Canada because the young girl was refusing to wear Hijab under compulsion by her family. This conservative author claims that those Muslim authors who raise their voice against such oppression are supported by Hindus in maligning Islam, and that such liberal authors do so only to gain cheap limelight and sometimes go even beyond the Hindus in maligning Islam. It suggests that such liberal writers are equally dangerous as any illiterate Mullah. The  quoted author argues that liberal writers weeping on the murder of this young Muslim Pakistani girl, will never be able to comprehend the pain of the father who murdered his own daughter for unknown reasons.

Quoting such examples, the article shows the extreme difference of opinion and thought, that exists between the progressive and liberal Pakistani writers and the arch  conservative people of the society, when it comes to the struggle of achieving fundamental rights of Pakistani and Muslim women.

While the progressive writers struggle to release the women from the oppression that is imposed on Muslim women in the name of religion, the conservative and Islamist writers try to convince the women that their religion gives them all the rights that they need.

The article also quotes verses from Pakistani poet Faiz, who said that violent accusations and name calling has always been the destiny of those who raise their voices for fundamental human rights.

The op-ed recognizes some peripheral freedoms that have been granted to women in Pakistan over the last few years, and also mentions some positive changes in the laws for protection of women. It also argues that at present many such changes can only be considered as symbolic at best. It quotes the poet Faiz who suggests that even such minor signs of spring convey some  hope.

The article points out towards various reports that suggest that Pakistan is behind the countries like Burundi in the matter of regular paid employment for women, and that it is also at a very low level on human development index for women as compared to various underdeveloped countries.

Struggles for the rights of women in Pakistan and Islamic societies are bitter, arduous, and long, and require the support of all the members of the society on an ongoing basis.

Bharat Mata kay Maathay ka Kalank (Stigma on Mother India’s Forehead)

Bharat Mata kay Maathay ka Kalank (Stigma on Mother India’s Forhead)

My Op-ed published in Urdu language  at Urdu Times, USA, Canada, UK, Europe on January 02, 2013
Urdu version can be read at following PDF file. English synopsis is also shared below:
Bharat Mata kay Maathay ka Kalank – بھارت ماتا کے ماتھے کا کلنک


Bharat Maata kay Maathay ka Kalank (A Stigma on Mother India’s Forehead)

Activist like me who have always been praising and supporting India’s secular democracy and its impact on the modern civilization, have been traumatized and saddened by the brutal gang rape of a young Indian girl in Delhi.

My column in Urdu language published in Urdu times acknowledges several Indian Noble Laureates, especially economist Amartya Sen who has criticized the ascendancy of Hindu religious fundamentalism and other social issues curtailing India’s leadership potential in moden times.

It then mentions the details of heinous crime of brutal gang rape committed against a young Indian girl that has shocked India and removed the saffron silk curtain that has been covering many sores and evils of Indian society despite its material economic progress.

In my column I share the statistics that according to some reports that for the last several years there have been an average of 20000 rapes per year in India, that do not include many incidents that are not reported because of victims’ fears of dishonoring their families. Indian law enforcement agencies also avoid registering rape cases and providing justice due to the societal traditions and pressures.

The article suggests that Indian society is still in the clutches of archaic social rules and traditions that blame the progress of Indian women, some liberty of urban woman, their education, and urge for equality with men, that bring the attack on them. These highly conservative traditions still allow Indian men to treat women as their chattel and consider them as lower class citizens, just like in Pakistan and other conservative Muslin countries.

Indians have been using gender selection and abortion of female fetuses despite the fact that for the last may years the practice has been declared illegal in Indian. Such ill treatment of Indian women is not limited to India, but Indian girls living in the west also face similar problems.

It quotes reports that suggests that several Indian parliamentarians and members of legislature have been accused of rape but roam around with impunity.

The article mentions that for several days after the brutal rape Indian political leadership including the president, the prime minister, and Sonia Gandhi were conspicuous because of their silent on the incident. They finally came out after huge public pressure and demonstrations. People protesting this incident were initially mistreated and brutalized by Indian police.

It criticizes the Indian system that, despite perceived secular democracy, controls the freedom of expression, and quotes examples of banning of Salman Rushdi’s book, and appearances in India, self exile of great Indian artist M F Hussain, opposition to many ideas of writers like Arundhati Roy, and banning of films by Canadian director Deepa Mehta.

It suggests that while the western audiences are exposed to the glamour of Bollywood, they are oblivious to the sexist nature of many populist Indian movies that are rife with catcalls against Indian girls, and sexual objectification of Indian women.

It also acknowledges the role of conscientious film makers like Shyam Benegal, Naseeruddin Shaha, Shabana Azmi , and others who have attempted positive social change in India.

It urges the activists interested in the promotion of Indian’s secular democracy to join hands with those who are struggling to free the Indian women from the yokes of regressive traditions and for providing respect and equity to Indian and all women.


Imran Khan, Hachar Machar, Agar Magar, Siaasi Baseerat – عمران خان، ہچر مچر، اگر مگر، سیاسی بصیرت

Imran Khan Hachar Machar عمران خان، ہچر مچر، سیاسی بصیرت۔۔۔

My Urdu language Op-ed published at Urdu Times, October 31, 2012 . Click on the file link shared above to read in PDF.

Maskh Nazariaat Qatil Zehniat —- مسخ نظریات، قاتل ذہنیت

This is my op-ed in Urdu language published at Urdu Times USA, Canada, UK, on October 24, 2012

Please click the link to read the PDF file:

Maskh Nazariaat, Qatil Zehniyat —– مسخ نظریات قاتل ذہنیت


The Muslim Obsession with Jews

The Muslim Obsession with Jews

 In their daily conversations, Muslims around the world blame a ‘Jewish conspiracy’ being responsible for all their internal and external conflicts.  It is unfortunate that these conspiracy theorists include even the educated Muslims.

Muslim media, especially the media in Arab countries, routinely declare Jews as their enemies. People believing in some Jewish conspiracy, also propagate that the only solution of Palestinian conflict is the destruction of Israel. They argue, Israelis have no right to live in the land of Palestine.

Those Muslim who deny Israelis the right to live in Palestine, forget the injunctions of The Quran (5:20-21), where God specifically ordered Moses and the ‘children of Israel’ to enter the ‘Holy Land’ and settle there. When the Jews resisted because of their fear of the rulers of those lands at that time, God admonished them. Finally, the ‘bani Israel’ conquered Palestine under Joshua.

Nearly all the modern experts of Quranic exegesis including, Syed Maudoodi, Yusuf Ali, and Waheeduddin Khan agree that the ‘Holy Land’ mentioned in Quran for the Jews is what is today roughly the State of Israel. This proves that the Israelis have the divine right to live in the Holy lands. Any Muslim believer, who denies the right of Israelis in what was once Biblical Palestine, does in fact refute the command of Allah.

Some extremist Muslims maintain that according to Quranic teachings, God later withdrew the privileges granted to Jews and therefore they lost their rights to live in the environs of Jerusalem. However, the Quran is silent about such revocation, and it will always be a debatable issue in Islam. Jews by definition do not have to accept any Quranic injunctions and instead they will always rely upon The Old Testament to interpret their perceived divine rights.

Muslims who perceive Jewish conspiracies either willfully or naively ignore the objective history of the Jewish people.  They base their perception of conspiracies upon the Jewish ascendancy in the matters of finance, sciences, learning, and other fields of industry, including their influence on the global spheres of power. Such perceptions have also strengthened due to Muslims’ own decline and the establishment of Israel.

An objective review of Jewish history clearly informs us that the Jews have been in the Diaspora from about 600 BC until the creation of the State of Israel under the Zionist movement. During this period they have been severely persecuted by Babylonians, Pagans, Romans, and Christians. They were periodically uprooted and their temples were destroyed including the Temple of Solomon, the site of Bait al Maqdis (Dome of the Rock), the Muslim Holy Site, in Jerusalem.

During their various exiles, a large number of Jews settled in various European countries where they faced extreme anti-Semitism that led to The Holocaust, the worst genocide of Jews in human history. The Holocaust as a crime against humanity is universally accepted; though anti-Semites deny it and some Muslim extremists also adopt this denial. Even those Jews who settled in the US faced persecution and anti Semitism, which still exists in various forms.

To overcome their persecution, and to survive, Jews worked hard to excel in the fields of learning, sciences, medicine, trade, financial businesses including banking, and other material fields.

Despite their excellence in various fields of knowledge, Jews have been stereo-typically labelled as bloodthirsty usurers. Such stereotypes emanate from biblical stories of Jesus throwing out the money lenders from the temple, as well as through literature like Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.

Due to their dedication to excellence in various fields, Jews have been able to influence the ruling classes and establishments in various countries, in order to insure their own survival and existence.

They have also established charitable institutions including hospitals, centres of education, and other fields of learning. They have also strived to promote the development of laws protecting Universal Human Rights that benefit all minorities, including Muslims. These laws include the laws protecting Freedom of Expression based on the principles of US constitution, and UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Their difficulties with Muslims began due to their conflict with the Prophet of Islam and they were exiled from Medina. In the later Muslim empires Jews had an ambivalent relationship with the Muslim rulers where they enjoyed privilege as well as suffered persecution, and biases, under various extremist Muslim rulers whether in Baghdad, in Spain, or under the Ottoman rulers. In the Muslim empires Jews were employed in the centres of learning in Baghdad and Spain and contributed in transfer and preservation of knowledge.

It is an established fact that Muslims and their rulers benefit from all the excellent medical facilities in the West. No one has ever complained that Jews have prescribed harmful medicines or injection for Muslims under some vicious schemes. They have also not denied Muslims admissions to various institutes of higher learning.

Jewish promotion of knowledge, charitable work, their work in the human rights, and their promotion of freedom of expression, further strengthens their influence in the West and elsewhere.

It is this influence that Muslims deem as The Jewish Conspiracy.

They also criticize the West and the US for their support of Freedom of Expression– that allows ordinary citizens to insult Islam and its Holy personalities — and for their support of declaring the denial of Holocaust as a crime in various countries.

The fact is that under the US Constitution and Canadian Charter of Rights, it is not a crime to deny the Holocaust. Muslim anti-Semites also ignore that Holocaust Denial is a crime in many European countries because this is where the Jews suffered the worst atrocities in human history. There is always a fear in these countries that due to various strains of antisemitism, some atrocities may again arise and these should be preempted.

The real problem between Jews and Muslims is the issue of Palestine. The creation of Israel has affected the lives of Palestinians who gave been living there for at least a thousand years under various Muslim rules.

After the end of World War II, British Palestine was divided by the UN into constitute two states–one Arab and the other Jewish with the Jerusalem under UN control. This led to the war of 1948 between Israel and its Arab neighbours. The Arab league joined the conflict that resulted in the occupation of the West Bank by Jordan and the Gaza Strip by Egypt. Israel got the rest of the land that was granted to it under the UN mandate.

It is this conflict that continues till today and the West’s support of Israel’s right of existence further strengthens the perception of a Jewish Conspiracy in naïve Muslim minds. A real two-state solution is not on the horizon, and both Muslims and Israel blame each other for this impasse.

Muslims will be better off if they strive for excellence in all the fields that Jews have excelled in and seriously work for a two-state solution of the Palestinian conflict. They need to banish the idea of some Jewish Conspiracy from their minds, and forget any notions of the destruction of Israel.

At the same time Israel should also show seriousness about a two-state solution, and stop building new settlements in the Palestinian areas. Only this will insure mutual coexistence and world peace.

MussalmaanoN ka Yahudi Masa’la

I am sharing my op-ed in Urdu language published in Urdu Times, New York, Canada, and UK as a PDF file that can be assessed by clicking the document link below.

MusalmaanoN ka Yahoodi masaala_Blog

A translation is also posted on this blog under the title, “The Muslim Obsession with Jews”

Canada ki Mardum Shumaari, KhaandaanoN kay Nizaam meiN Taghayur or Musalman

The following is my article in Urdu language published in Urdu Times USA, Canada, and UK on September 26, 2012. To read , please click on the PDF document below:

Canada Census and changes in family system_14