Wuhi Madaari, wuhi tamaasha, putlooN kay kirdaar wuhi —وہی مداری، وہی تماشا، پتلوں کے کردار وہی

Munir Saami’s Op-ed in Urdu language, published at Urdu Times, USA/Canada/UK/Europe

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Wuhi Madari, wuhi tamasha

The same old Puppeteer, the puppets, and the playbook

Discusses the non constitutional steps being sought and forced on the democratic set up in Pakistan by a Pakistani-Canadian cleric Tahirul Qadri, who led a large procession to Islamabad and a sit in close to the parliament house.
Questions as to how this cleric could afford hundreds of millions of rupees for the organization of this massive demonstration, that includes a bullet proof container that is serving as the office and stage of this cleric.

Exposes the past of this cleric who colluded with army dictator Gen Musharraf and later dissociated from him and settled in Canada. Also discusses the decision of a Judicial tribunal that rules against him and established that the cleric indulged in false statement and accusation. Qadri says that this was not a judicial but a biased administrative tribunal. However he never appealed the ruling in any superior court.

Question the titles of Professor and Sheikh ul Islam (Grand Scholar of Islam) that are used for Mr.; Qadri.

Discusses the role of a non constitutional and non democratic establishment in Pakistan that has toppled democratic governments of the past and that never allowed any elected government to complete its term. That past such adventures were led by General Iskandar Miraza, Ayub, Yaha Khan, Zia ul Haq, and Gen Musharraf.

Speculates that recent demonstration and sit in led by Qadri and a decision of Pakistan Supreme court to arrest the Pak PM on corruption charges may be linked, since the optics reflect such synchronicity.

Mentions that the non constitutional establishment takes advantage of unfortunate corruption by some politicians to malign all Pakistani politicians including some very decent and non corrupt politicians like Aitizaz Ahsan, Raza Rabbani, Farooq Sattar, Haider Abbas Rizvi, and others. It also misinforms the public about  democracy.

Shares the fact that Pakistan Human Rights Commission, Asma Jahangir, local and foreign journalists are fearful and expose the non constitutional actions to topple a democratic system.

Asks if the Sufi (Mystic) credentials that Mr. Qadir flaunts to win adherents and followers, and gives the examples of some very well known contemporary Sufis from Pakistan and other countries whose character may show a mirror to Mr. Qadri. Invites Mr Qadri and his followers to read the pamphlet titled “Who is Sufi”, by respected Sufi Bawa Muhaiyaddeen whose tomb is situated in Philadelphia. advises that this pamphlet can be read at www.bmf.org


Advises the people to be on alert to defend democracy in Pakistan.

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