Islami Riyasat aur Paki e DamaaN ki Hikayat…اسلامی ریاست اور پاکیئ داماں کی حکایت

I share My Urdu language Op-ed published at Urdu Times , USA and Canada , as an Urdu PDF file below.  English synopsis is also shared. To read in Urdu click the link below:


Synopsis of my Op-Ed published at Urdu Times, USA and Canada on ISIS/Daaish

The Op-Ed challenges the feigned surprise of US and Western nations on the rise of ISIS and its barbarity in Iraq and Syria.

It argues that ISIS is the direct result of nurturing of Islamists by the US and the West to annihilate the former Soviet Union. ISIS is the continuum of the same strain that originated in the creation of Mujahedeen, Taliban, and AL Qaeda.

After the first and second Iraq wars the Shia dominated governments, that came to power supported by the US, after hundreds of years of dormancy, let loose extreme abuse and brutality against the Sunni minorities, and forced their armed elements to join hands with similar groups in Syria. These groups were also supported by the US, Saudi, and other Sunni factors, who were serving their strategic interests of curtailing the influence of Shia Iran and Syria.

It is this bloody sectarian rivalry that was willfully ignored by the US and the West that has now been let loose in its most brutal form.

The Op-Ed asks that the ISIS and its causes be understood and that at the same time be opposed and condemned by all moderate, progressive, and liberal Muslims.

The article also takes to task a writer of a popular Canadian newspaper who has insinuated that moderate Muslims in Canada are ignoring ISIS while focussing their efforts on other liberal and progressive causes. It reminds the writer, that liberal, progressives, and enlightened Muslim activists and organizations in Canada have struggled for years to promote separation of religion and state. That they have consistently asked the Canadian power establishments to empower such groups in their efforts to spread moderation and secular ideas within the Muslim community. It laments that instead of supporting Muslim liberals, Canadian politicians of all parties patronize places of worships to seek votes and in doing so encourage the extremist religionists even if unwillingly and naively.

It also exposes those Muslim intellectuals who while opposing Islamic extremism and terror, find faults within the fundamentals of Islam, annoying ordinary Muslims, and creating difficulties for those liberal progressive Muslims who profess separation of religion and state. These liberal progressive Muslim are then considered Islampohobes who are out to harm the religion. The article gives the example of Salim Mansur who ironically contributes to the populist conservative SUN newspaper in Canada. He is considered among those who with their personal bias and intellectual arrogance, tend to find faults in Islam instead of false interpretations of Islam by the Islamic extremist terrorists. Quoting his example, ordinary Muslims shun all Muslim liberals and progressives as Islamophobes.

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