Memories of Faiz by Sabiha T. Aydelott (Faiz’ Niece)

This is a very unique article in memory of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Pakistan’s foremost poet. It is penned by his niece Sabiha, who is the daughter of Faiz’s eldest brother, who died of heart attack soon after Faiz was jailed under accusation of Conspiracy. Faiz penned a moving poem about his brother’s death titled Noha, that begins with, “Mujhh ko Shikwa hay kerey Bhai kay tuum Jaatey huey”

I am sharing this article because I assume that many may not have read it. It can be read as PDF at the following link:

Memories of Faiz


Memories of Faiz/ تايركذ : (ضيفدمحأ ضيف)زيافAuthor(s): Sabiha T. Aydelott and توليديآ ةحيبصSource: Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics, No. 18, Post-Colonial Discourse in South Asia /ايسآ بونج يف ةيلاينولوكلا دعب ام باطخ (1998), pp. 299-314 Published by: Department of English and Comparative Literature, American University in Cairo and American University in Cairo Press Stable URL: .