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  1. Your thesis on secularism in Muslim states is scholarly written and should be widely distributed in Pakistan. Until secularism is adopted in state governance, Muslims will remain miserable.

    I also enjoyed reading “The Silent Companion” by Shaheen Sultan Dhanji.

  2. Dear Mr Saami,

    I discovered you through You Tube and wanted to let you know that I enjoy your talks and the way you explain complicated things.

    I am from India and came to the US in 1978..I did not a thing about Pakistan as we were very busy getting through school..The only time Pakistan came up was during the 2 wars or possibly a hockey game… Other than that Pakistan was not even in our vocabulary… as we had to succeed in school. I come from a middle class family and I can remember… hatred was not a part of our upbringing.We were too busy trying to get grades in school. I came to learn about the hatred in the past few years. I have learned more about Pakistan and the complex country it has become just in the last few years just by watching you and others like you and commend you for being a brave soul and speaking the truth… My question to you sir is why is the educated class in pakistan always quiet about all the wrong doings and why does nobody in pakistani society brings these crazy mullah’s to task. I just dont get it..

    Thanks again for your good works and God Bless You


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