Mitt Jaaey Gi Makhlooq tau Insaaf Karo Gay

My Op-ed published at Urdu Times can be read here in Urdu script. Please click the link below to open the PDF:
Mit Jaey gi Makhlooq

Mitt Jaaey gi Makhlooq to Insaaf Karo gay
(Will you provide justice when all are killed)
Synopsis of my op-ed published at Urdu Times
Mentions the Holocaust in the Nazi Germany, the worst crime against humanity and mentions the ovens, the gas chambers, and the mass killing of the Jewish people that the Jews were forced to observe and the compelled to dig the mass graves and bury their own dead.

Also discusses the disappearance of thousands in Latin America, and discovery of mass graves during the times of various dictatorships. Mentions that the a few dictators have been arrested in those countries after democracy returned there.

Quotes the examples of Bosnian ethnic cleansing, and the desperation that the mothers still face when they keep searching for their son and daughters even now.

Suggests that in many countries the mass killing were conducted in the darkness of the night and killers refrained from identifying themselves.

Discusses the situation of Pakistan where hundreds are killed regularly in sectarian mass murders committed against the Shias, the Ahmedis, and other religious minorities. These crimes are committed in broad daylight and daring criminals belonging to Sunni Muslim extremists groups accept the responsibility of these crimes with impunity.

Most recently the Shia girls students have been murdered, and Shia Muslim belonging to Hazara ethnicity are being killed in large numbers ant their relatives bury them in communal graves and the scenes of their burials and sadness are shown all around in mass media.

Despite the acceptance of responsibility by the terrorists, neither the Supreme Court nor its subordinate courts or authorities take any action against these criminals. If some of these claimants are arrested they are considered as heroes and are greeted by the indoctrinated public.

Suggest that in a country like Pakistan where numerous religious fact live, it is not possible to complete cleanse Pakistan of all the religious sects. Ethnic cleansing in Pakistan will not stop till all are killed.

If the courts and authorities kept waiting till all are killed then Pakistan which is sometimes compared to paradise due to its natural beauty will be rendered into true Hell and nothing will be left.