“Mubaiyanna Mulzim” Pervez Musharraf Haazir Ho— مبینہ ملزم پرویز مشرف حاضر ہو

My Op-Ed published at Urdu Times, US, Canada, UK can be read at the file below in Urdu script. An English Synopsis is also shared.
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Mubaiyanna Mulzim


The Op-Ed discusses the fundamental clauses of the constitution of Pakistan that require each Pakistani citizen, and any person living in the territory of Pakistan to obey the Constitution of Pakistan.

These clauses declare that any attempts to abrogate, suspend, mutilate, or illegal amend the constitution, by force, show of force, or any other means is high treason.

Any person or person supporting or adding one in the above acts also commits high treason. The punishment of high treason will be determined by the parliament of Pakistan. The clauses also deem that no court will provide legal cover to any such changes or attempts to change.

It shares the history where in the past  various army generals including Iskander Mirza, Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia ul Haq, and Pervez Musharraf abrogated or mutilated the constitution through illegal means.

All the former generals except Pervez Musharraf have died. Zia ul Haq was killed in a plane crash.

Among the dead generals Iskander Mirza died in exile, and  Ayub Khan and Yahya Khan spent their lives under house arrest, They lived a life of ignominy and all of their supporters and admires left them by themselves. Pakistan army did not support them after their removal from power.

Pakistan Supreme court has declared that Musharraf has committed High Treason and directed the government to apply appropriate laws in his case.

Musharraf has been trying to avoid the indictment under various excuses. He is supported by those lawyers, who always supported the dictators in providing then the legal cover under previous pliant courts.

It is stated that Pakistan Army establishment advised Musharraf to remain outside Pakistan  and not to enter Pakistan’s politics. Musharraf did not follow its advice and apparently the Army is not providing him the support he expected.

He has already been compelled to appear before various civilian courts, and will have to ultimately face indictment  for high treason. If tried he will be punished, and may probably be pardoned. That is what the army would also probably would like to see to close this matter. Pakistan Army is an institution that shoes aggression at times that suit it, and retreats when necessary. That is what it would do in this case also.

Musharraf’ lawyers are demanding that those who advised Musharraf in trashing the constitution should also be tried. Musharraf has the right to summon them as his witnesses, however it is unlikely that they will stand in his defense. It is highly likely that some such person may choose to become approves, or state witnesses to save their own skin. The state has the right to determine its priorities and has the privilege to try the main culprit, since all others including those who have died, will be indirectly proven guilty when Musharraf is tried and found guilty





Research: Driving Social Change by Rasheeda Qureshi

A very informative article about Non-Profit organizations, philanthropy in Canada, refers to various very useful research reports on poverty published through United Way including, A Decade of Decline, Poverty by Postal Code, It’s More than Poverty. It also encourages the citizens to support the charities through participation, volunteer work, and philanthropy.
The article ends with a very appropriate quote by Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Read the full article at this PDF by clicking the link:
Research Driving Social Change

Source: vue March 2014