Aao Ashaab e Tabl o Alam kay DaroN per Kitaab o Qalam ka Taqaaza KareiN—آئو اصحابِ طبل و عَلَم کے دروں پر کتاب و قَلَم کا تقاضا کریں

Aao Ashaab e Tabl o Alam kay DaroN per Kitaab aur Qalam ka Taqaaza KareiN—

آئواصحابِ طبل و عَلَم کے دروں پر کتاب و قَلَم کا تقاضا کریں

My Op-ed in Urdu published at Urdu Times, US, Canada, & UK.
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Ashaab e Tabl o Alam aur Kitab aur Qalam

It discusses the pathetic state of education in Pakistan and discovers that education has been declared a Human Right, and was made compulsory, only recently after 63 years of establishment of Pakistan.

It also advises that due to huge gap between the rich and privilege, modern education is essentially available to citizens in urban areas and children of feudals, army officers, and the privileged few.

It informs that Pakistan only spends about 2.4 percent of its GNP on education, and that huge resources are committed to Pakistan’s military infrastructure.

It questions as to why Pakistan’s media, intelligentsia, writers, and activists do not raise their united voice to change this situation.

ShaairoN ka Jumaa Baaza ——– شاعروں کا جمعہ بازار

My Urdu Language Op-ed published at Urdu Times US, UK, and Canada, discusses the vulgarization and pulverization of the fine tradition of Poetry Recital gatherings, around the world. To read the file in Urdu click the titled link below:

ShaairoN ka Jumaa Baazaar…شاعروں کا جمعہ بازار


Rekhta Bab e Sukhan ki Qadr aur Taqabuli Jaaeza – ریختہ بابِ سخن کی قدر اور تقابلی جائزہ

My Op-ed on the first anniversary of Rekhta Baab e Sukhan, http://www.rekhta.org/ , published at Urdu Times US, UK, Canada. It appreciates the value of this new Urdu literature portal and compares it with other similar sites. It was also read at the Canadian Urdu Writers Forum event in Toronto.
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