Munir Saami in conversation with Dr. Sagheer Aslam & Almas Shabi at Sukhan Kada of Punj Radio

Punj Radio’s producer Almas Shabi, and co host of its literary program Sukhan Kada,  Dr. Sagheer Aslam conducted an online interview with Munir Saami .

You can listen to the interview at the following audio links:

Sukhan Kada Part 1

Sukhan Kada Part 2

Sukhan Kada Part 3


Punj Radio USA is an international online radio that broadcasts to various international destinations including Pakistan, South Asia, North America, and Europe.

Producer Almas Shabi and co host Dr. Sagheer invite various literary personalities from various countries to discuss their works and thoughts on various issues.

I thank Punj Radio for providing me this opportunity.