Sir Vidhia kay Saaey —- سر ودھیا کے سائے

I share my Urdu Oped  titled Sir Vidhiay kay Saaey, on the death of Nobel Laureate V S Naipaul published at Niazmana online, and print versions of Urdu Times, and Pakistan Times Canada.

Naipaul was considered a major writer in English Language and received various awards including the Nobel Prize for Literature, and Man Booker prize.

He was compared with writers like Tolstoy, Dickens, and Conrad.

On the other hand he faced rigorous criticism from major writers and intellectuals like, Derek Walcott, Edward Said, Eqbal Ahmad, Chinua Achebe, Salman Rushdi, Girish Karnad , Alok Mukherjee, Paul Theroux, and Meena Kandasamy.

Thesw intellectuals are unanimous in suggesting that despite his artistic merit, V S Naipaul, was a Racist, Communalist, Fundamentalist, Misogynist writer , and an Uncle Tom.

The Op ed provides a general survey of these critical opinions for Urdu readers.

The Op Ed can be read at this PDF link:
Sir Vidhia kay Saaey

I have also share an audio file for those who can understand Urdu and Hindi but may can not read Urdu Script.